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We are presenting this blog from the Point of View of our visitors, read their experiences about the visit to Borunca Trible and enjoy!

“Costa Rica is known for its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife. But beyond its natural beauty lies a rich cultural heritage, particularly among its indigenous communities. One such community is the Boruca (also known as the Brunka), who have inhabited the southern region of Costa Rica for centuries. To experience their way of life firsthand, I had the opportunity to spend a day with the Boruca while staying at Hotel Ocean Breeze in Ojochal.

My day began early, with a traditional breakfast of gallo pinto (rice and beans) and fresh fruit. My guide, a member of the Boruca community, then led me on a hike through the rainforest, pointing out various medicinal plants and sharing stories about Boruca’s spiritual beliefs. We eventually arrived at a clearing where a group of Boruca women was weaving intricate baskets and masks.

The Boruca are known for their intricate weaving techniques, using natural fibers from plants such as the jicara tree. They also create elaborate masks for their annual Danza de los Diablitos (Dance of the Little Devils) festival, celebrating their resistance against Spanish colonialism. Watching the women weave and hearing about the history behind the masks was a truly fascinating experience.

After the weaving demonstration, we visited a nearby village where a group of Boruca men was performing traditional dances. The dances are performed to the beat of drums and other percussion instruments and often tell stories of hunting and nature. I was even invited to join in and try the dance steps myself!

Next, we visited a traditional Boruca home, where I was welcomed with open arms and treated to a delicious lunch of corn tortillas, plantains, and chicken stew. The family shared stories about their daily life, and I learned about their connection to the land and their deep respect for nature.

Throughout the day, I was struck by Boruca’s strong sense of community and its commitment to preserving its cultural heritage. Despite facing numerous challenges over the years, including displacement and discrimination, they have managed to maintain their traditions and way of life.

As the day drew to a close, I felt grateful for the opportunity to learn about and experience the Boruca culture. It was a truly unforgettable day and one that I will always cherish. If you’re ever in Ojochal looking for a unique and meaningful cultural experience, I highly recommend spending a day with the Boruca.”

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