A Day with the Indigenous Tribe of Boruca (Brunka)

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A Day with the Indigenous Tribe of Boruca (Brunka)

About an hour south of the Lookout live a group of indigenous people who claim they are the only tribe who were never conquered when the Spanish arrived, and they are very proud of this claim. So much so that they even celebrate this claim, and re-enact this in a yearly festival called “Danza de los diablos”, Dance of the Devils held from Dec. 30-Jan. 2nd.

Their ancestors originally ruled over the entire Southern Zone in regional chiefdoms, and now you can find them thriving on the Boruca-Terraba Reservation tucked up in the highest mountain range called the Talamanca Range. Today these indigenous people are focused on preserving their cultural heritage and ancient handicrafts. They maintain their traditional way of life as expert textile weavers and master mask carvers. The fabric made at the village has been made completely by hand – from the naturally grown cotton, to creating the individual dyes from local plants, animals, and mollusks, to designing their own looms for weaving their wide range of fabulous fabrics. The designs of the carved masks have been handed down each generation, but now some of the new breed of indigenous carvers are starting to design masks that represent how they perceive their natural world.

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Your guide will take you to their sacred places where you will encounter the traditions, plants, and animals so important to the Brunka. The drive itself to the village is an experience to be remembered as it takes you along the spine of the mountain range, and the views are absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

Cost: $70.00 per person, Lunch included

Duration: Full Day, 1.5-hour drive from Ojochal

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